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Sofia Continues Massive Construction in 2015

Powerful building programme has been prepared by Sofia Municipality this year. Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said the city would continue with significant repair works throughout the city.

Of course one of the biggest projects is that of further development and expansion of the subway, announced last week Mrs. Fandakova. In recent years, the City Hall has coped with the construction and putting into exploitation of over 13 km of metro, and this year what will be completed is a stretch of another 9 km, which are in the process of finalisation.

Mayor Fandakova was particularly happy with the fact that at the end of last year the cabinet of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov managed to cope with the difficult task to make Brussels open for Bulgaria the European Operational Programme "Transport", which is the main donor for the construction of the subway. Thanks to that, this year Sofia is expected to begin construction also on its third subway line.
In her opinion, new 90 000 people will be using the trains of the metro in the spring of 2015, when two new stretches will be opened - the first to the airport in the capital and the second one - to the business park in suburban Mladost 4.

The city continued the construction of the second metro line to station "Cherni Vrah" in the neighborhood Hladilnika. The municipality has already managed to buy 10 new metro trains and it is expected that the opening of these lines can be done in the autumn. The repair of the boulevard itself is expected to be completed by August 30, when it will be opened for traffic. By mid year Sofia expects to finish the construction of the underground metro station at Srebarna Street as well as start the building the third beam of the subway. At the beginning it will run from Theatre "Off the Channel" to "Krasno Selo" neighbourhood, going through the city centre in an entirely underground section.

It will be built in through the boulevard "Patriarch Evtimii", the National Palace of Culture and will reach "Krasno Selo" neighbourhood. This line will create seven new metro stations.

Mrs Fandakova pointed out that the main objective is to work in a manner that every day the citizens of Sofia may see the improvement of the urban environment. She described the pace of construction in the city as "impressive" and stressed that everything that is done is important for the commuting of the Sofia residents, and that the subway is the most environmentally-friendly transport. In addition, the construction of the new subway lines changes the whole urban environment as the places from where the metro runs see the parallel construction of new boulevards, sidewalks and installation of lighting.

Besides the metro Sofia mayor intends to continue with repairs of the some of the big boulevards. Mrs. Fandakova named the condition of boulevard Alexander Dondukov as "very bad" and announced its pending repairs. She pointed out that the iconic yellow brick pavement would be reserved in the capital, but at the same time they will be rearranged and sidewalks will be repaired as a whole. The other avenue that is included in the construction programme of the municipality is the central boulevard Vitosha. It will be rebuilt in the area from the National Palace of Culture to the South Park.

This year will maintained the pace of construction of new kindergartens. According to the plans of the municipality what is pending is the construction of eight new kindergartens as well as the completion of five. Moreover, the municipality will launch the extension of 98th school in the district "Nadezhda", the construction of an extension to the First English Language School and the completion of the new school in suburban Kremikovtzi.

Mrs. Fandakova promises that this year the city will do everything possible to throw more funds for repairs of internal streets in the neighborhoods of the city where so far no funds have reached.
The municipality has provided funds to continue the programme for the construction of video control systems in the capital. These will be built on the station square at blvd. "Maria Louisa" and in the park of the National Palace of Culture.

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