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On October 2 the parliamentary group of the BSP-dominated Coalition for Bulgaria interrupted the voting of the amendments to the Gambling Act, proposed by the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII). The socialists commented that the act shouldn't be adopted even on first reading, since the parliamentary Legal Commission had not expressed its stance.According to those who prepared the amendments - Nina Chilova and Ivan Iskrov - there are only formal reasons to return the draft. Both of them are sure that the Legal Commission will be erady with its stance within a few days, and that the act will be voted on first reading in the coming week. This could have been completed even now, if there was a majority in the plenary hall. The most important amendment to the Gambling Act will be the division of the Agency for Insurance and Gambling Supervision (AIGS) into two controling bodies - a State Commission on Gambling and an Agency for Insurance Supervision. Along with the merely juristic division, there will be also lots of changes in the functions of the state structures.While the socialists argued about this proposal for principle reasons, this was not the case with the former minister of finance Muravey Radev. The bodies supervising insurance and gambling were united in February 2001 on his proposal. Mr. Radev said that the projected separation of the supervisory body was aimed to dismiss the officials, appointed by the former UDF government. The AIGS is now presided by Hristo Hristov - a former UDF representative to the 38th National Assembly. He is the main target of the planned reconstructions of the supervisory body, Mr. Radev said.A few names were been discussed as possible successors to Mr. Hristov, but according to well-informed sources the Government has already chosen Ivailo Ivanov. He is a young and ambitious insurance manager who passed through several management positions in Allianz Bulgaria, Orel and Orel Life. Now he is the director of Jupiter insurance company. Obviously, the ruling circles will rely on him for creating a team of experts who will supervise the insurance branch. As to the future head of the supervisory body of gambling, no names have been mentioned so far.

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