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According to the economic programme of the Simeon II National Movement coalition, the national currency will remain stable through the preservation of the currency board and a balanced budget will be adopted, said Nikolai Vasilev, head of the coalition's economic team.
Our ideal goal is a zero budget deficit, he said. Simeon Saxe Coburg Gotha, Vasilev and heads of the coalition's legal and foreign and national security policy teams Ognyan Gerdjikov and Solomon Pasi gave a news conference on Monday.
Vasilev described the coalition's economic programme as daring and radical. He said the economic team of the coalition wants a radical taxation reform aimed at achieving an explosive economic growth. The privatization process must be completed within 800 days, he said.
The programme also envisages attracting bigger domestic and foreign investment in high technologies, telecommunications, the energy sector, agriculture and in tourism. The programme will also strive to ensure transparency for businesses and the supremacy of law.
What Vasilev and Pasi said is very logical and consequential in or spirit for broader coalitions so that people can put more efforts in creative and positive aspects, Simeon II said, responding to a question on whether Vasilev and Pasi's statements that the coalition might govern together with the United Democratic Forces correspond to the official position of the coalition.

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