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The tenth contest for the best young entrepreneur, organized by the Bulgarian-American Investment Fund (BAIF), was opened on May 29. Participants in it had to present a business plan, whose implementation should not exceed USD6,000. If a larger investment is necessary, the candidates have to specify how the remaining money for the project's realization would be ensured. According to regulations, a mandatory requirement to the entrepreneurs is that they should be aged between 18 and 29. Young people who do not have their own business, but have an idea for one, may also participate. September 15, 2002 is the deadline for presenting the business plans in BAIF. The winners in the contest will be awarded in November by the sponsors - the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB), the Rodina Saving Cooperative Pension Insurance Company, Ameta Holding AD, and the labour INTERNET-exchange JobTiger. The first seven winners will share an award of USD6,000, two - of USD3,000, and three - of USD1,500.

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