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The European Institute in Sofia is launching a joint project with the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade, Vladimir Kisyov, Bulgaria's former chief negotiator with the European Union (EU) announced at a press conference on Monday (May 13).The member of UDF's National Executive Council is also Director of a non-governmental organisation, dealing with problems of EU integration. The meeting with mass media was also attended by representatives of Yugoslavian NGOs.The project is aimed to acquaint Bulgaria's neighbours with our experience and mistakes in the relations with the EU.Yulan Gerkovich from the Yugoslav Institute for European Studies said that his country was just stepping on the road, along which Bulgaria had been walking since the beginning of the 90s. The guest pointed out that Serbia is strongly interested in strengthening the regional cooperation in Southeastern Europe and in the establishment of a free trade zone in the Balkans. But the implementation of big infrastructural projects would be delayed according to Mr. Gerkovich. The dim future of the federation between Serbia and Montenegro will put additional difficulties to the process of Bulgaria western neighbour's integration into the Euroatlantic structures.

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