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Archives of the former secret servicies in Bulgaria, or what remained of them after having been thorougly cleaned up in the last 10 years, have revealed that more than fifty politicians who have served in parliament since the fall of communism in 1989 worked for the secret services in the communist era.
The list includes three former ministers, among them Alexander Stalyiski, minister of defence in 1992 in the first goverment of the Union of Democratic Forces /UDF/ and one head of a political party, namely Ahmed Dogan, leader of the Movement for Rights and Liberties of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria.
The revelations came less than two months before the parliamentary elections in this country. Six of the named politicians are candidates for election as deputees.
The head of the commission examining the archives, Methodi Andreev, said the named politicians had committed no crime.
He said publishing their names would shield them from possible blackmail. Observers in Sofia say the revelations - prompted by a law which opens former archives to public scrutiny - remain flawed because an estimated forty percent of the documents were destroyed by security officials shortly after the fall of communism and are aimed essentially at political rivals of UDF.

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