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The second GSM-operator in Bulgaria Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile /CBM/ will cover the first 20% of the country not in the regions of Sofia and Plovdiv, as it was expected, but at the seaside. The Greek telecommunications company OTE was considered to prepare for starting its activity in Sofia and in Plovdiv.
The name of the second GSM-operator will be GLOBUL, its code number 098. According to some sources its basic stations are under construction. Equipment supply and mounting was undertaken by the US Motorola and the Swedish Ericson. Just two months ago Panayotis Kargados - OTE Vice President and Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile Board of Directors Chairman - said that the US company will be the only supplier.
OTE made the committment to invest about USD250MN in the second GSM-operator only in 2001, siad Kargados at the first official press conference for the presentation of the mobile operator. The amount does not include the USD135MN paid for the licence.

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