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The modernisation of the Plovdiv - Svilengrad railway line is the next big transport project that is going to the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). The magistrates initiated legal proceedings on a complaint lodged by the German joint-venture Weiss-Kirchner-Heitkamp-ThyssenKrup against the Ministry of Transport's decision to entrust the implementation of part of the project, between Krumovo and Parvomay, to the Greek Terna company.However, the three members of the Supreme Administrative Court did not consider the Germans' request to stop the preliminary implementation of the transport minister's decision. The complaint against the decision was first directly received by the court on May 30. Later, it was resent to the ministry. Part of the correspondence, without the administrative act which is subject to the complaint, was presented to the court on July 6. The Ministry of Transport is explicit that no administrative act has been issued by the minister, since the contract procedure does not require it. If there is no administrative act, requesting its suspension is useless, the magistrates claimed.I'm not afraid that the decision for choosing Terna may be appealed against by the losing applicants, because that can only be done before the European Commission in Brussels which prepared the contract. And in the past four months the commission has been giving total approval of the transparency of the procedure, the Minister of Transport Nikolay Vassilev said recently.

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