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The yield we reached in 2000 slightly exceeds 10%, said to the Banker weekly Ljudmila Vekova, Rodina Pensions Insurance Co. Executive Director. It is lower than 1999 yield, but it is worth noting that more than 98% of our investments are in euro denominated instruments, which provides additional security for our clients' money.
This week Rodina Pension Insurance Co. launched a large scale direct marketing campaign for its universal pension fund. This marketing 'trick' is new to the Bulgarian insurance market, said Dimitar Vutchev, Chief Executive Director. Direct mailing as a way of attracting customers is extremely popular in the USA and in Western Europe. The essence of this new approach is that people can learn in detail the privileges offered by Rodina universal pension fund. According to initial planning 600,000 people, subject to insurance, will receive their letters. The addressees are round the country, chosen randomly, said company managers. According to Rodina management this direct marketing is not a way of exerting pressure over the potential customers and their own choice is fully guaranteed.

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