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The July 19 meeting between heads of rightist parties, which have been trying for more than half a year now to nominate their common candidate for the presidential elections, failed to achieve a result. There is no common candidate who can unite both leaders and the electorate and prevent the incumbent President from winning a second mandate or hamper Sofia Mayor Boyko Borissov become a president if he takes it into his head. Obviously, even such high aims cannot bring to reason the former fellow party members, each of whom takes merit to himself for the most romantic and successful years of the one-time Union of Democratic Forces (UDF). Instead of one candidate, the rightist parties again have four, according to them worthy pretenders, whose virtues they praised for three hours. Again, nobody toed the line, participants in the meeting muttered off the record. And officially, with obvious regret, the host of the rendezvous and Democratic Party (DP) Chairman Alexander Pramatarski acquainted the journalists with the null outcome. No agreement was reached on any of the four candidacies, i.e. the Constitutional Court Chairman Nedelcho Beronov, proposed by Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB); Vesselin Metodiev, who was initially proposed by DSB, but his candidature was not withdrawn; UDF's leader Peter Stoyanov who gave vain hopes to DSB last weekend that he would withdraw in favour of Mr. Beronov, and the rector of New Bulgarian University Sergey Ignatov. All of them - worthy men. If the rightist leaders are not capable of feeling ashamed they should have felt awkward, because at least two of these candidates simply do not deserve such treatment, political observers commented. In fact, nobody expected anything different from what happened, but some of the most ardent UDF supporters were cradling the hope that their leaders would come to an agreement in order not to make fools of themselves.
After the authorized deputy chairpersons of parliamentary represented parties from the thorn-apart right wing failed to reach an agreement, now the heavy artillery sat around the table. But that was only to prove that things have gone back to the starting point and might have even become worse. Rightist parties' leaders did not miss to put on airs as they always do when they meet, especially in front of TV cameras. First of all DSB's Chairman Ivan Kostov refused to be photoed together with the other party leaders and remained outside the hall in the Radisson hotel while photo reporters were doing their job. Then it became known that although five parties supported Nedelcho Beronov, three continued to be stubborn, insisting on Peter Stoyanov's candidacy. On top of all the Gergyovden political movement supported both Mr. Stoyanov and Mr. Beronov, failing to canalize its preferences. And Anastasiya Moser has not decided yet whom she will support.
Mr. Beronov has been supported by DSB, DP, UDF, Union of Free Democrats (UFD), BZNS-People's Union and Gergyovden, and UDF's leader Peter Stoyanov - by UFD, Gergyovden, the Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation and BZNS of Georgi Pinchev. During the debate there was a proposal to hold a sociological poll in order to measure the electoral weight of each of the nominees. However, no such a decision was made.
Negotiations will continue. Not even a decision for discussing only the two most preferred candidacies - those of Mr. Beronov and Mr. Stoyanov - was made on July 19. The only certain thing is there will be no preliminary elections or sociological research.

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