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Research: Bulgaria To Remain Without Doctors by 2020

The results of a survey conducted among doctors under 40 years of age, showed that healthcare personnel in Bulgaria will fall into collapse by 2020. About 80% of young doctors plan to seek career in the West and 96% are ready to pack their suitcases, though not immediately. Two or three years ago doctors who went abroad to specialize and those who stayed to work in Bulgarian hospitals were approximately equal in numbers. The disorder in healthcare sector, the problems of specialization and lack of prospects for career advancement, however, seems completely exasperating for young professionals. Today the average age of doctors in the country is 53 years, and mortality in this profession is higher because of the enormous pressure, which is related to the job. It turns out that in 6 to 7 years Bulgaria may be left without a new generation of nurses to replace the old, and access to healthcare will be almost zero. "Despite the difficult situation we are willing to work to restart the system and believe that we can actually help," said the civil initiative "Young Doctors for New Healthcare" which is the author of the study.

Requests were for higher pay with a base rate of four minimum wages for young doctors, better working conditions, options for specialization, including decentralization and creating more vacancies in the regions. The professional organization believes objective criteria for are necessary career growth, as well as a removal of financial disparity between medical specialties and accelerating the development of e-health.

"The most basic step to keep doctors is increase their salaries. What is the motivation of a medic to stay in Bulgaria since abroad they will be paid 10 times higher, work in better conditions, normal environment, where a person can watch their family and pursue a career," says Dr. Deyan Popov. According to him, over 200 people from his class have already gone to live and work in countries such as Germany, Ireland and the UK.


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