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Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) suffered another management castling. On the general meeting held on June 15, 2001, in Vienna its shareholders voted to release Oliver Roegel from the Supervisory Board of the bank. He was appointed Deputy Manager of Raiffeisenbank (Yugoslavia) in Belgrade which was licensed last March.
Roegel's post in Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) will remain open for the time being. According to the bank's statute, the Supervisory Board should consist of three members at least. They were four so far and when Mr. Roegel left, the board included the Chairman Herbert Stepic as well as Heinz Hoedel and Ernst Rossi. The three of them will appoint a deputy of John Harris who ceded the post of chairman of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) Managing Board to Johan Jonah in the beginning of June and will leave the management of the bank by the end of July.
The other Executive Director - David Halstead, will be released from the Managing Board too. Mr. Jonah confirmed to the BANKER weekly that Harris would leave the bank in July and Halstead - in the end of August.
Mr. Halstead is believed to be succeeded by a Bulgarian banker who is now working in Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria). Momchil Andreev would take the post of Mr. Harris, while the latter neither confirmed nor denied the news.
Bulgarian bankers commented last week that after leaving Bulbank Momchil Andreev would not return to Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) but would go to the newly-established ProCredit Bank. Christoph Freytag, head of the new bank, however said that its Managing Board would include three bankers only and they would be he himself, Guy de Rouk and Peter Slavov.

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