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As of the beginning of September Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) will be issuing international debit cards Visa Electron. Till the beginning of the month the cards will be issued at the bank's head office only, and afterwards all its branches and offices will be carrying out the complete set of operations with them. The credit institution's clients can initially open debit card accounts in US dollars only because of the restriction for effecting bank settlements in US currency.
The debit cards will be valid for two years. The interesting point in the terms offered by Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) is that no fee will be charged for the first six months. The usual annual fee is USD 25. The fee for the second six months will be USD 12.5. Another favourable condition for the clients is that the opening and maintenance of the accout, and records about the debit card account, made at the bank's offices, will be free of charge. An initial fee of USD will be paid only in case of express opening of a Visa Electron debit card account for three days instead of the usual 7-day term. The balance in then debit card should not be lower than USD50.
When Visa Electron holders draw money outside Bulgaria from a cash machine or a terminal at a bank office, USD 2.50 plus 1% of the amount they draw will be charged from their acount. Such an operation from a cash machine in Bulgaria will cost USD0.30. USD1 plus 0.3% will be charged for drawing cash from a terminal at an office of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria). The daily ceiling for drawing money or paying bills in shops is USD 5,000, and the weekly ceiling is USD8,000.

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