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Representatives of over 70 Bulgarian companies from the shoe-making, textile and leather industries, are getting ready to block the customs offices in the country on October 5, it became clear at a meeting between representatives of the manufacturers, the Customs Agency, the Chief Taxation Administration, the National Statistics Institute, Economic and Border Police, within the framework of the committee Bulpro (a consultative body in charge of facilitating the procedures for trade) with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). The businessmen will resort to that extreme measure as a sign of protest against the continuing illegal import of low-priced goods from Turkey and China. According to Georgi Chernev, Chairman of the BCCI, its experts have prepared a package of proposals for limiting contraband, to be moved to the executive power. The measures have been picked out between dozens of proposals from branch organisations, whose interests have been injured by illegal imports.One of the producers' demands is to limit the frauds with false documents at the border. This is expected to happen after the invoices for imports from Turkey begin to be certified by the Industrial Chamber in Ankara.The necessity of an electronic connection between the data of the customs and of the taxation authorities was also discussed at the meeting. The issue, regarding the obligatory VAT registration for importers whose turnover exceeds BGN75,000 was also discussed for a successive time.

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