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The deadlines for purchasing memoranda and preparing privatization offers for the state enterprises whose auctions are opened now will be extended until September and even later. The news was voiced by the Executive Director of the Privatization Agency Levon Hampartsumian, at a press conference.
It is done so in order to give the new administration, which will be constituted in the following weeks, the opportunity to get to know in depth the work of the Agency of Privatization, Hampartsumian explained.
In his words, the abrupt stopping of all privatization procedures would lead to a series of negative effects. One such step will delay privatization deals by months. This means that a huge gap in the denationalization process will appear, which can hardly be compensated for, Hampartsumian said.
With respect to deals which are to be finalized, I am not inclined to sign the privatization contracts at any rate, he informed.

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