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The Privatisation Act is likely to go to the Constitutional Court, Mihail Mikov, MP from the Bulgarian Social Party, hinted on Thursday (March 7). He did not specify the motives for the court attack, but they'll be probably sought in the procedures for revoting the law. The interesting point is that President Georgi Purvanov has not put a veto on certain provisons only, but on the entire legislative act as the stipulations demanded by him have not been included in the law. Therefore, its is not yet clear what will be discussed by the Parliamentary Economic Committee next week. Yordan Nihrizov from the UDF-coalition believes that proposals made by himself, regarding the social aspects of privatisation, should be revoted as they cover to a considearble extent the President's motives. The other option is to vote again in the Economic Committee and then in Parliament the provisions, approved two weeks ago.The first signals from represenattives of the parliamentary majority indicate that during the forthcoming debates the MPs from the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) and the ethnic Turks' Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) will vote in favour of the present version of law. Our parliamentary group will hold a session on Tuseday (March 12), but I have the feeling that we shall not support the President, Yunal Tassim from NMSII's coalition partner MRF said. Valeri Dimitrov and Ralitsa Again, MPs from the NMSII, firmly supported the act. We shall not make any amendments . The law will be voted again as a whole, Mr. Dimitrov (Cahirman of the Parliamentary Economic Committee) said.According to Mr. Nihrisov, President Purvanov's veto is a signal against the self-confidence of the governers, who believe they are the only ones that are right and are able to force their ideas. Mihail Mikov commented that the veto was not imposed because of the social element only. According to him, the President's motive should be appraised more soberly.After the initial sharp reaction on the part of Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Nikolai Vassilev he toned down. The official statement of the Ministry of Economy reads that Mr. Vassilev does not accept the President's arguments, but respects his constitutional right to impose a veto. President Purvanov is a follower of an entirely different privatisation philosophy, Deputy Premier Vassilev pointed out, adding he adoes not accept any of the President's motives.

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