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A Portuguese ready-to-wear factory has been relocated to the Bulgarian town of Lovech. The one million leva equipment was transported in crates. The Vesti Confect company is in charge of the Bulgarian operation.
In addition to the equipment, another 300,000 leva of initial investment will also be made. Production is due for launch in early June. Initially, the factory will have 120 workers but that number is planned to reach 240 when the facility switches to a two-shift operation. The company has rented production premises and an administrative building from local furniture maker Emos AD. Vesti Confect will pay rent for 12 months and then will buy the premises for 400,000 leva. The latter amount will be paid in 90,000-leva annual instalments.
The Portuguese owners will be able to expand their product range. Men's trousers as well as jackets, suits, shirts and other classically tailored garments will be manufactured at the Lovech factory.

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