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The Bulgarian-Portugese company Mape Development will invest EUR150MN in the construction of six power plants for production of electric and heating energy from forest biomass. Construction of the first station will start on the territory of the Opticoelectron plant in Panagyurishte in the beginning of 2009. It will have a capacity of 10 megawatts, announced the global director of the parent company MAPA SGPS for Bulgaria, Joao Caldeira.
Currently 120 firms with a personnel of 700 are operating on the plant's territory. The enterprises use solid fuel - coal, and our idea is to supply heating energy generated from forest biomass, Caldeira explained.
Three of the other power stations will be built near Kuklen where there is also an industrial zone, near Gabrovo and Kyustendil.
The inputs for the electricity generation will be produced in Bulgaria. Some 100,000 tons of forest waste will be necessary for the stations' operation. If the biomass is not sufficient Mape Development intends to produce it itself by planting areas under willow trees. It is one of the plants mainly used for the production of biomass in countries like Sweden.
MAPA SGPS plans also investments in the sphere of tourism, the Portugese company's director Jose Caetano said.

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