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Bad infrastructure and dirt near roads and tourist facilities repulse potential candidates to spend their holidays in Bulgaria. Representatives of local leisure industry and President Georgi Purvanov arrived at this conclusion during the recent working meeting at Sunny Beach.About 70% of the revenues in the sector come from the Black Sea resorts. This means that the money is made by three municipalities - Varna, Bourgas and Dobrich - but only a small portion of the proceeds enter their budgets. Therefore, the mayors of these municipalities have asked for the State's financial assistance for the construction of infrastructure.Leisure industry companies, on their part, have demanded to change the way of distributing the proceeds from the resort fee. They insist that half of it should be used for the development of infrastructure, and the balance - for advertising, cultural events, and maintenance of cultural monuments. The resort fee has been so far used at the discretion of municipal councils. The Deputy Minister of Economy Dimitar Hadjinikolov promised that the State would increase to BGN20MN the funds, earmarked for advertising Bulgarian lesiure industry abroad.Mr. Purvanov appealed to entrepreneurs to invest in the development of infrastructure around Pliska and Perperikon - the historical monuments that have not been developed as tourist sights yet. The President underlined that the 3,000,000 vacationers, attracted to Bulgaria this year, are an impressive achievement on the background of the stagnation in the sector worldwide. According to him, however, the State is still a debtor to leisure industry which accounts for 13% of the gross domestic product.

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