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Policemen will start thorough checking of the availability of the Civil Responsibility insurances, which are mandatory for all car owners, learned the Banker weekly. The activities of the road policemen is coordinated with the insurance companies. The policies should have been bought till December 31, 2000 from a licenced insurance company. Despite of the imperative requirements in the Insurance Act, many of the car owners save the expenses for the Civil Responsibility insurance. Statistics for the last two years show that only 50% of the registered cars in the country signed up for the mandatory insurance. The fact is indicative both for the low insurance culture of the car owners and the ineffective control.
Last year the policemen checked more than 60 000 car owners, but only several hundred penalties paid. Obviously, the handsome amount of the penalties - BGL200 - 500 for individuals and BGL500 - 5000 for companies cannot force car owners to sign up for the mandatory insurance. This means that there should be a different way of stimulating them.
This is a risk insurance and everybody would be affected if it is not signed - the car owners, those injured at car accidents, and the insurance companies themselves.
Many car owners do not use their cars in winter time, so they buy the insurance only in the spring. There are also some smugglers who hope to escape and never buy an insurance at all.

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