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Pierre Glemot will replace Robert Frank at SG EXPRESSBANK's Management Board. Frank will leave Bulgaria and his duties here by the end of February, 2001. He has applied for being released from the position of Executive Director of the Bulgarian credit institution and for continuing his career with its owner - Societe General - but in France. His bosses approved his application. The official version sais that the term of Robert Frank's four-year mission to Bulgaria has expired. The French banker headed the Sofia branch of Societe Generale immediately after its establishment in May 1996. Robert Frank and Christos Catzanis, the representative of the National Bank of Greece in Sofia, are the foreign bankers who best know Bulgarian financial market.
For almost five years Robert Frank was successfully sailing in the troubled waters of our financial system and he managed to establish favourably Societe General at the local market. On December 6, 1999 he was awarded by the Banker weekly the special prize for his efforts to introduce one of the biggest European banks to the Bulgarian financial market. Also in 1999 he carried out the deal for the purchasing of SG EXPRESSBANK by the French credit institution. Only in 2000 however, Robert Frank was appointed as SG EXPRESSBANK's Executive Director.

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