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Balkanpharma is the absolute local leader in terms of pharmaceutical products and technological achivements for 2000. The company's all three enteerprises - in Troyan, Razgrad, and Doupnitsa - won this year's pharmaceutical Oscars - the Enyo statuette. The seventh edition of the prize-awarding for new medical products was organized by the Branch Chamber of Traders in Medicines to celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Medicines June 24 (Midsummer Day in the folk calendar). Three more producers were
awarded prizes as wll - Inbiotech Ltd, Sopharma, and Unipharm. The statuettes weer handed on Thursday, June 21.
The nominated medicines were appraised in terms of inputs, and production technology, and were compared existing analogical products. A comparative analysis was also made regarding their qualities, usefulness, and prices, master pharmaceutist Vladinir Naidenov explained the criteria to the BANKER weekly. Mr Naidenov chairs the scientific committee of experts, choosing the Enyo nominees and heads the Branch Chamber of Traders in Medicines.
Balkanpharma-Razgrad won first prize for preparations, which are significant achivements for Bulgarian health care. The enterprise was awarded for its third generation antiobiotic Tercef, which is prescribed in cases of serious infections. A 10-day course of treatment with it costs BGL151.
Inbiotech Ltd won a prize in the same category for its capsules Biozac. The medicine is of the same quality as the medicines for treatment of depression, produced by world leaders in the branch - Elly Lilly and Prozac, but the Bulgarian medicine is several times cheaper, the jury said.
Sopharma was distinguished in the same category for its new product Sophanax - for teratment of depression and panic-causing mental disorders.
Balkanpharma-Toryan, Balkanphjarma-Doupnitsa, and Unipharm won the pharmaceutical Oscars for production technology. Since June 2000 the enterprise in Troyan has produced and sold more than 52,000 packs of Amiodarone - an awared medicine for therapy of patients sufering from cardiovascular insufficiency.
The factory of Doupnitsa was granted the Enyo statuette for the state-of-the-art technological method it uses for the production of Pentoxifyllin. The medicine, which was awared, too, is used for treatment of peripheral cardiovascular disorders and cerebral-vascular ailments.
Mesalazin is much more cheaper than the original product and is in line with the latest pharmaceutical achievements. The medicine also has a wider scope of usage. With these arguments a prize went to Unipharma for its product.
Medica of Sandanski and Panatseya 2001 were conferred encouraging distinctions - medals for their phyto preparations.

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