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As of the beginning of March First Investment Bank (FIB) will offer information about the terms of all its services on two pay-free phones: 080-011-011 and 080-012-012. The numbers will be dialed without an access code from all over the country. This bank information will be the first of its kind in Bulgaria. So far pay-free information on the phone has been provided only by Coca-Cola and the National Healthcare Insurance Fund. And pension funds have opened hot telephone lines at regular prices.FIB's clients will be able to get general information about the financial institution's operation and the terms for its services, as well as consultations on problems they have met when using them on telephone number 080-011-011. It's another question if a sufficiently competent person will be on the other end. If he/she cannot give an adequate reply, the advertised bank service might be frustrated.The other telephone line 080-012-012 will be accessible round-the-clock and will provide information only to the owners of debit and credit cards issued by FIB, and will give advice for solving problems, connected with the use of these cards.However, there is one restriction for the use of FIB's pay-free phone lines - the numbers can be dialed only by subscribers of the Bulgarian Telecommunciations Company (BTC). The credit institution specified that at present it has agreements with the BTC only, which makes impossible the use of that service by subscribers of MTel, Mobikom, GloBul, and from abroad.

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