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Parliament Opens BGN25MN Last-Minute Tenders

The Forty-first National Assembly may have gone down in history, but its leadership has no intention to stop the spending spree. Under the iron hand of Mrs Tsacheva in their last day Parliament passed a bunch of contracts totaling about 25 million levs. And since such a coincidence can hardly be explained by chance, it will not be surprising if it turns out that the conditions in the tenders are written so as to facilitate the right companies. It is also the chief left so be sure to return to the building above which says Unity makes strength that from now to prepare goodies for yourself.

Undoubtedly the most interesting and also surprising is the process of manufacture, delivery and installation of furniture. Who needs right at the end of the mandate of the National Assembly to change chairs and couches, which anyway are in excellent condition? Not to mention that the newly elected representatives, pressed by a popular discontent, may not want such innovations. It seems that it was very important to just spend some 320 thousand levs. According to the documentation this is the cost of the new furniture in the halls and corridors in the east wing of the former Party House on Alexander I Square, where the working premises of the MPs plus the lobby club in the building of the National Assembly Square № 2. The money will buy conference tables, five types of chairs, desks, cupboards and four types of modular furniture and bar tops.

To participate in the auction, candidates must have achieved at least 700 thousand levs in turnover for the past three years, half of which from the sale of furniture. Companies must also have a certificate of quality ISO 9001 or equivalent.

Moreover, in order to be fully accurate, we should say that this is not the first attempt at taking care of the Parliament's furniture of the rulers of GERB. When they were elected back in 2009, they immediately took care of the furniture in the National Assembly. On September 26 the same year they announced a tender for supply and installation of furniture for the housing units of Parliament for 720 thousand levs. But however, it failed because of considerable violations in the documentation. The procedure was re-released in late March 2010 and in June the National Assembly signed a contract for 600 thousand levs with Rinko-Interior of Zdravko Mihalev. This company is furnishing the Ministry of Finance, the State Agriculture Fund, NPP Kozloduy and some others.

On 29 September 2009, the parliament opened a competition procedure for replacement of office furniture in the offices of the Parliament. It was won by the sole trader DP Dimitar Dimitrov, whose contract for nearly 150 thousand levs was signed on December 29 the same year. On 15 August 2011, another 106 thousand levs on furniture was spend and this time the sum went to Gospodinov and Sons.

Then, in 2012, and the parliament made two attempts to buy new furniture and equipment, but the procedures fail due to lack of candidates.

The last efforts of the 41st National Assembly are targeted again at more furniture. The announcements from a day ago say that the legislator will be buying sofas, tables and chairs for the canteen and furniture for restaurant in the rehabilitation facilities in Velingrad. The planned budget for this purpose is about 100 thousand levs.

The holiday resort in Velingrad will be swallow additional 85 thousand levs for repairs.

The rest of the sums will go for PCs, laoptops, hotels, buses, mineral water, foreign language training of the MPs and 19.0 million levs on the reconstruction of St. Sofia hall of the Parliament.


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