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A sharp interruption of privatisation would be a negative signal or investors, the Privatisation Agency (PA) declared in a statement following a declaration by the economic team of the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII).
The declaration claimed that by the time the new Parliament is convened and a new government is formed, the Council of Ministers, ministers of the administration should restrain from managing big state property except in cases of urgency. The document appeals for suspending the ongoing privatisation procedures for sites of public significance, the procedures of granting concessions and of placing big public orders. The NMSII economic team appeals also to stop signing of additional agreements to already signed privatisation deals.
According to the PA, suspending the procedures of deals like the ones for the Bearing Works of VMZ - Sopot, the State Insurance Institute (DZI), Hemus Air, Sunny Beach would be a negative signal to the would-be investors. This would be interpreted as hostility to foreign investors in general, the PA says in a statement.
Although the work on the privatisation strategy for Bulgartabac for example has reached quite an advanced stage, it would not be correct the present government to adopt it and next government to implement it, the PA says, however.
Petar Jotev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, commented on the declaration of NMSII saying that the new government will decide how to continue when it comes in office.
According to Mouravei Radev, Finance Minister, Bulgaria has its Constitution and laws and they should be respected by everyone including those, who will take the responsibility to govern.

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