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Our doors are wide open to Turkish capitals, Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha said after meeting his Turkish counterpart Bulent Ecevit on January 30. The Turkish Prime Minister was on a two-day official vitit to Bulgaria on the invitation of the Bulgarian Premier who will return the visit. The governmental delegation from Bulgaria's southeastern neighbour country included the Minsiter of Transport and the Minister of Labour and Social Security, heads of departments of the most important Turkish institutions, and businessmen.PM Ecevit met representatives of the Bulgarian executive power, President Georgi Purvanov, party leaders: of the ethnic Turks' Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Ahmed Dogan, of the Bulgarain Socialist Party Sergei Stanishev, of the United Democratic Forces (UDF) coalition Ekaterina Mihailova, and the Chief Mufti Selim Mehmed. There were two major accents in the conversations - bilateral economic relations and Bulgaria's integration in NATO.The Bulgarian Premier pointed out that foreign interest towards Bulgaria has been increasing and Turkey should make haste if it wants to invest in our country. The opinion that there is a great potential for these contacts prevailed. The visa issue was one of the major problems, posed by the Turkish side. PM Ecevit insisted for aliviation of the entrance regime in Bulgaria in order to improve business relations between the two countries. A new border check-point will be opened between Bulgaria and Turkey. This will make easier the passing to Turkish TIR-trucks and the entire traffic via Turkey and Bulgaria, which has increased in the last few months. Railway links between the two countries should be improved as well. Turkey's support for Bulgaria's Euroatlantic integration is very important to Bulgaria, Premier Saxe-Coburg-Gotha pointed out. During all political meetings of PM Ecevit he received thanks for Turkey's support for Bulgaria's integration into NATO. Turkey has passed a special law, obliging it to help Bulgaria's and Romania's integration into the Alliance.We'll do our best to assist your efforts to join NATO as the prosperity of the Balkan region depends on this, the Turkish Premier underlined after the meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart.

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