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The consumer price index for May is 0.1%, which is not surprisning but rather corresponds with the expectations for stable prices of the commodities, included in the consumer basket, Radka Tsonkova, head of department at the National Statistics Institute (NSI) pointed out. The accumulated inflation since the beginning of 2001 reached 0.9 per cent. In the April-May period prices of foods dropped most tangibly - by a total of 0.5%, while services marked the highest rise - by 0.7 per cent.
The price changes of various goods within the group of foodstuffs is quite significant. In May fruits were 19.3% more expensive than in April, and vegetable oil marked a 15.9% increase. In the same period yellow cheese depreciated by 10.7%, eggs - by 9.2%, and cheese - by 8.3 per cent. In the sphere of services communications have the largest share in the price rise, followed by transport, which accounts for 2% of the appreciation. This can be explained by the discounts offered by the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company for the Easter holidays in April. The price increase in transport services in May was due to the higher expenses for fuel and lubricant, NSI's expert Albena Doncheva commented.
Industrial sales went up 5% in the first four months of 2001 as compared to the same period of last year. The highest growth - 26.1 per cent - was registered by ready-made clothes, followed by radio, TV, and telecommunications utilities - 23.9 per cent. The upward trend in exports, especially taking into consideration the high USD/BGL exchange rate for the period, is favourable. Export sales marked a 7.4% increase in January-April 2001 from the same period of last year, and domestic sales rose by 2.6 per cent. If the accelerated export orientation of industrial goods persists, it may have a strong positive impact on t

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