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Once again the Managing Board of the National Healthcare Insurance Fund (NHIF) approved a decision to take money from the operational reserve in order to cover hospitals' debts. BGN65MN was unblocked as a result of the decision. According to NHIF experts, hospitals spend BGN43.5MN every month, compared to the BGN25MN stipulated by the budget. The unblocked resources will compensate activities implemented in the hospitals in July and August. But they will hardly be sufficient, therefore extra money will have to be allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Healthcare.No overrun has been reported for out-of-hospital and dental medical aid. The same is valid for the medical and diagnostic activities, as well as for home treatment medicines.The NHIF Managing Board also decided to use BGN40MN of the excessive budget revenues to compensate the high expenditures of the hospitals. Besides, the fund will send them the resources economized from administrative and capital expenses. Because of the number of patents, much bigger than planned, the management of the fund is going to discuss reduction of the prices of 50 clinical paths with the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Doctors Union. Most probably the NHIF will ask the National Assembly for updating of its 2005 budget, too.The fund's 2006 draft budget was discussed earlier this week, too. Its final copy will be approved on September 7. According to the Chairman of the Managing Board, Kiril Ananiev, next year's planned revenues amount to BGN1.061MN. The parametres regarding hospital aid and expensive treatment medicines haven't been specified, either.

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