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The French company BULL will begin the establishment of an integrated info system of the National Healthcare Insurance Fund (NHIF). On September 14 Healthcare Minister Radoslav Gaydarsky and Jimmy Shar, Head of the BULL Partners consortium, signed a contract for the project's implementation. The same company has been contracted to establish the info system of the National Revenue Agency, to be finally tested on September 18 and commissioned by the year-end.
The consortium entrusted to work out the fund's info system involves BULL Bulgaria, SIVECO-Romania and MACCABI Healthcare Services, Israel. The Romanians used to work on a similar project for the healthcare fund in their country, while the Israeli MACCABI Healthcare Services is a health organisation that will act as an internal business consultant to the consortium and will also guide the NHIF. The agreement is worth EUR3,496,808 (VAT not included) and is to be implemented within 21 months, by end-June 2008.
The computerisation is part of a project called Reform in the Health Sector and financed by the World Bank. The new system will guarantee transparency and tighter control over the financing in the field of healthcare. It will also improve the quality of health services offered in the country, Minister Gaydarski said after the document was signed officially. The aim is to build two components - a system for planning and spending the financial resources, and another one for processing the claims. The first will manage the money of the national and the regional healthcare funds, and the second will regulate the registers of medical and health institutions, the register of the fund's contract partners (GPs, specialists, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies), the register of health insured people, and the one of medicines. That's how the quality of health services and payments will be controlled and there will be fewer cases of writing up patients and other frauds.

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