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The cabinet of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha derives the biggest and immediate dividends from Bulgaria's accession to the Euroatlantic structures, the National Centre for Study of the Public Opinion informs. According to a research conducted among 980 Bulgarian adults in 88 towns and villages from 4 to 9 May, people accept positively the signing of the European Union Accession Agreement. Moreover, the inquired do not undervalue the contribution of the cabinet led by Ivan Kostov and of its foreign minister, Nadezhda Mihailova.Information Service EAD will be the company that polls the votes at the parliamentary elections, the spokesman of the Central Election Commission, Alexander Alexandrov, informed. A team of experts from the commission chose the resources and the price offered by Information Service to those offered by the other applicant, Demetra. The losing candidate has a right to appeal, Mr. Alexandrov explained. The competition was not held in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, but took into account its requirements, he added.The Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council, Vladimir Kissyov, refused to sign mayor Stefan Sofiyanski's application for leave because of the pre-election campaign of the Bulgarian National Union, the mayor personally announced on Wednesday. According to Sofiyanski, the prohibition of the deputy of Nadezhda Mihailova is political racketeering and political fear. Kissyov's motive is that this is not the right moment, as no solution has been found to the problem with the Suhodol dumping-ground yet. The municipality promised that the dumping-ground would be closed by end-June.Hristo Bonev, former coach of the national football team, leads the tickets of the Rose Coalition in the town and the region of Plovdiv. Alexander Tomov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Social Democracy and Co-Chairman of the Rose Coalition, leads the tickets in 23rd Sofia region and in Bourgas. Prof. Krustyo Petkov, Chairman of the United Labour Block, tops the tickets in Varna and Lovech. The Chairman of the National Movement for Rights and Freedom Guner Tahir is the leader in Razgrad and Shoumen, and the Chairman of the National Patriotic Alliance George Ganchev - in Pleven. Ticket leaders in Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Kurdzhali, 24th Sofia region, Silistra and Sliven will be announced later.The 53rd congress of the Liberal International was held in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) and the Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) played host to the event in which some 450-500 delegates took place. Bulgaria was represented by 40 members of the NMSII and 40 of the MRF. NMSII's application for full membership in the Liberal International was presented and voted there.We want to transform the Romanies from consumers into taxpayers, the Euroroma leader Tsvetelin Kunchev told in front of journalists. He predicted that the future parliamentary group of his party would be twice bigger than the one it had in the 38th National Assembly. He also called the folk singer Azis who would enter the parliament for sure a guarantee for the responsibility of the other Euroroma MPs.

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