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The Ministry of Economy appointed a new tender for self-contained parts of Vidachim, the company announced.
The June 8 tender was delayed with a decision of the Privatization Agency (PA) because of lack of enough offers and time for the examining and precising the documentation. The companies that participated in the negotiations on June 8, made offers for the thermal power plant of the company only. An exception was the Sofia-based company Tokata, which was interested in buying 4 self-contained parts of Vidachim, without the administrative building. The Bulgarian companies Energiya'94, Chimimport and Chimmetal bought memorandums.
The requirement of the Ministry of Economy for all companies is the value of Vidachim to be bigger than the debt that has to be played to the employees - BGN2MN. The first amount the companies should deposit in cash. The goal is that Vidachim's workers and employees receive their blocked salaries as soon as possible.

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