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The Cabinet has fixed the new minimum purchase prices for the tobacco from the 2002 crop. The increase for oriental varieties is between 5.3 and 8.3 per cent. This practically means that the prices of some of the most popular tobacco varieties, grown in Bulgaria, will go up by BGN0.15-0.25/kg. The increase is aimed to encourage the production of good-quality tobacco in Bulgaria, the motives for the Government's decision read. The change in the purchase prices is a symbolical one and would hardly satisfy the local tobacco-growers. It is 4.03% for the broad-leaved Virginia variety, i.e BGN0.12/kg.The Council of Ministers has also approved the amount, conditions and order for paying a target support for the already produced and purchased oriental tobacco from the 2001 crop. Thus, farmers will get additionally BGN3.28 per kg of A-class tobacco of the Djebel variety, they have already sold out. The bonus for the second class of the same variety is BGN2.52/kg. About BGN1.50/kg additionally will be paid for the Nevrokop, Doupnitsa and Oustina A-class varieties. The lowest subsidies - between BGN0.30-0.50/kg - are for the Harmanli, Kroumovgrad and Esatern Balkan varieties.

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