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Following the grand visa scandal, not only the team of the French Embassy's in Sofia, but also that of the French Cultural Institute, was changed. The new Attache, responisible of cultural matters and Deputy Director of the Cooperation Division is Gil Labord, an actor and director, who has graduated in history, literature, pedagogics, and political sciences. He has worked in Hungary, Greece, and Uganda. According to him, Bulgarians and Greeks have alike attitudes of mind, but Bulgaria's neighbour country is privileged to be a member of the European Union. Unlike his predecessors, the ambitious newly appointed Director has seriously taken up to study Bulgarian.The cultural attache met the first guest from his native country - the French director Eric Lacascad - who staged in the National Theatre Chehov's play Sea-gull. And the famous French choreographer Jean-Fracois Durrur has been invited to stage the ballet The Peace - a multimedia performance, shown in Skopje and Belgrade. It includes rap and hip-hop, as well as the impressive music, composed by Goran Bregovic. In end-October the Bulgarian actress Ani Topaldjikova, who plays in Comedy Francais, will stage the play The Reflection in a co-production with the National Theatre.

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