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Following the proposal of the Government of Ukraine, and upon the recommendation of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. E. Volkan, the BSTDB Board of Directors appointed Mr. Oleg Rybachuk Vice President-Banking of the BSTDB. Mr. Rybachuk took up his duties from June 1, 2001.
Born on April 22, 1958 Mr. Rybachuk has Master's Degree in Finance and Credit from Economic University (Kiev, Ukraine). He has accomplished post-graduate economic studies at Georgetown University (Washington D.C., USA). Mr. Rybachuk speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French.
Having started as customs officer, Mr. Rybachuk joined the banking sector in 1991 as Director at Ukrainian Oil and Gas Bank (Ukrnaftogasbank) in charge of foreign operations and currency regulation. In 1992-1999 he was Director of the International Department and Adviser to the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine mainly responsible for relations with international financial institutions, investment projects and technical assistance programmes. In 1999 Rybachuk became Chief of Administration of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. From 1998 he represented Ukraine in the BSTDB Board of Directors.
Mr. Rybachuk is the author of more than 20 publications and 5 monographs on international business, finance and economic transition.
At the BSTDB Mr Rybachuk supervises financing and trade operations.

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