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After last week President Peter Stoyanov opened his pre-election campaign by himself, this week (on September 21) he represented his runner-up - the lawyer Nelly Kutzkova. Mr. Stoyanov picked her up for her indisputable professionalism, straightforwardness and intolerability towards corruption, as well as for their matching viewpoints. Nelly Kutzkova is supposed to be accepted by a wide rage of voters, especially by the Bulgarian women as she is a successful example how a brilliant professional career can go along with keeping a good, stable family. The President explained that both the altered political situation and the present public expectations made him choose another candidate-vicepresident, other than the present one Todor Kavaldjiev. During all the five years of our mutual work with Todor Kavaldjiev I have always felt most sincere respect not only to his past, but also to his present deeds, added Mr. stoyanov.Nelly Kutzkova has been Chairperson of the Sofia Civil Court since 1993, and member of the Supreme Judicial Court since December, 1999, from the judges' quota. In the 1992-1993 period she was deputy minister of justice. In February-March, 1997, during Mr. Stefan Sofiansky's caretaket cabinet, she was chief secretary of the Council of Ministers. She was also proposed the position Minister of Justice in the present Government, which offer, however, she turned down.Ms. Kutzkova and Peter Stoyanov are acquaintances for nearly ten years. Generally I don't feel much tempted to occupy high levels of power and I have refused any such proposals not once. Yet this time I was extremely flattered, admitted Ms. Kutzova. She pinpointed corruption as one of the major problems of society, but added that the position vicepresident did not give much rights for direct fight against it. Yet Ms. Kutzkova underlined that she would try to make use of all the political and social resources of her high-ranking position in order to mobilize both the extra-government organizations and the society as a whole. She also said that her future position was not useless and of minor importance, but added that her candidature did not mean giving up her legal practice for good.

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