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Maria Koteva will join the thinned ranks of NEFTINVESBANK's management team. The financial institution's Management Board has been quitted this year by the executive directors Emil Angelov and Genadi Tabakov, and in the height of the summer season the bank was left in the hands of Petya Slavova, Chairperson of the Managemnet Board, and the executive directors Orlin Georgiev and Dimitar Dimitrov. Now Maria Koteva will join them, having received a certificate from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) on July 31.
It is said that before accepting the position, the new Executive Director of NEFTINVESTBANK held an almost 3-hour cordial conversation with the Mitko Subev, Chairman of the credit institution's Supervisory Board, and both of them went out apparently contented. Ms. Koteva has been a bank manager since 1987, when she was appointed deputy chairperson of Hemus commercial bank, and became its manager in 1992. On December 22, 1993, the bank was consolidated with the commercial banks Electronica, Sofia and Kazanluk. As a result of the merger SOFIABANK was born. The new credit institution was headed by Katya Ivanova, Maria Koteva and Zhivko Stoimenov. On the instruction of Zhan Videnov's Socialist government SOFIABANK consolidated with the commercial banks Serdika and Biochim, and Maria Koteva and Katya Ivanova together with Dimitar Shoumarov were sent by the Bank Consolidation Company to put in order the havoc, caused by Ivan Mironov in the troubled BALKANBANK. Unfortunately, they not only got into a great mess, but also under the political guidance of Prof. Ivan Angelov, advisor to the then premier Zhan Videnov. On September 23, 1996, however, the bank was closed by the BNB, and thus all traces of the active stealing and primitive accumulation in post-communist Bulgaria might sink into the past.
In February 1997, Maria Koteva was appointed executive director of Biochim and held the position for more than half a year. After the consecutive change of political power, in the autumn of 1997 she was appointed head of Internal Control Department at the Central Cooperative Bank and was in office for almost four years.

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