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A national strategy for combatting criminality will be approved by the Council of Ministers in September, Minister of the Interior Georgi Petkanov announced on August 21 after a two-hour meeting with President Georgi Purvanov. The meeting was attended as well by Prosecutor General Nikola Filchev and General Boiko Borissov, Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). During the session of the Consultative National Security Council in April the President had insisted that the document should be drafted as soon as possible. The Interior Minister Petkanov specified that then the MIA worked out a concept, but later on it was decided that ten ministries and institutions, interested in the problems of criminality, should take part and develop it as a national strategy.Mr. Petkanov said that one more national strategy - for combatting drugs - has been drafted as well. It will be probably approved by the Cabinet in mid-September. The stance of the Ministry of Health Care and of the National Council for Combatting Drugs are expected.Today's meeting was agreed several weeks ago and it is a manifestation of the efforts of all of us to find a more efficient cooperation between the law-keeping authorities, President Purvanov said in the beginning of the conversation. He qualifies MIA's activities within the last few days as quick and inspiring respect and appraised positively the reaction of the ruling majority, intending to approve urgent legislative measures that would create conditions for making quicker the punishment of criminals. However, the Head of State appealed for putting an end to the sporadic activities of the state authorities. The steps that we are undertaking now are not sporadic and ostensible Interior Minister Petkanov commented.The President voiced his hopes that appropriate legislative measures will enter the National Assembly's agenda in September. The first Consultative National Security Council during the new political season will discuss the drugs issues, the Head of State was adamant.The General Prosecutor's Office and the MIA are cooperating perfectly. We are resolved to act firmly and steadily in order to get the criminals in prison, deprive them of the property, acquired through felony, and continue to serve the public interest as we've done so far, Prosecutor General Nikola Filchev said after the meeting. However, he did not reply the individual questions of journalists and invited them to a meeting in September. Mr. Filchev admitted that the MIA presents sufficient proof to the Prosecutor's Office when catching criminals. He also confessed that for at least half of those detained within the last few days, punitive procedures could had been made faster during their former arrests.

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