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National Assembly Calls Tender for Parliamentary Kitchen

Bulgaria's new MPs will probably fall in an extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant situation. It turns out that just when the Parliament will open its doors to lawmakers its canteen will be closed for repairs. Although officials in the National Assembly's administration are now without political leadership in the National Assembly they decided to order the said repair on Tuesday (October 21). For this purpose, a competition for the selection has been open to seek a company to deliver and install equipment and utensils in the kitchen cupboards and the food complex of Parliament. The sum is 92,435 levs without VAT. The tender is divided into two parts the first is for the supply of equipment, utensils and tablecloths and some other items.

So the new members initially may be deprived of the option to eat in the buffet of the National Assembly, but after renovation the chefs there will cook delicious meals at low prices in four large pots with a capacity of 10 and 14 liters.

The order includes the purchase of 50 trays, 250 shallow bowls and 400 porcelain ones, other 600 deep ones with a diameter of 21-23 cm and additional 250 with a width of 24-25 centimetres. Most, however, will be the new forks and spoons, which according to the description of the auction will be 1320 and 990 respectively.

This whole set of items, however, creates a dilemma - whether the staff in the kitchen are so clumsy and often break the cutlery or is it that it just has been worn-out by over-use? This question arises because such order was made in the middle of last year when the National Assembly again bought forks, spoons, knives, etc. Back then they spent nearly 50,000 levs on the same items. Now they will cost "only" 46,585 levs without VAT.

The second part of the tender is for the supply and installation of kitchen facilities and equipment for a total of 28 specific items.

These include a mixer, a microwave oven of stainless steel, a hot showcase, refrigerated cabinet and two others. MPs will obviously eat walnuts as a walnut grinding machine has been ordered. MPs will also be in position to take care of their health by drinking fresh juices, since two juice squeezing machines have alse been ordered.

The cost of re-fitting the parliamentary kitchen will come to 45,850 levs without VAT. The deadline for execution is two months.


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