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Nikolay Georgiev, Deputy Minister of Finance, is already
packing up for Washington. The Deputy Minister, who got married a week ago, will part from the Bulgarian administration as he will be working at the financial department of the IMF, where he will be in charge of Romania.

BNB's Vice Governor Emilia Milanova heads the commission that will be monitoring the fulfillment of separate stages in the development of the central bank's information technologies. The development of the strategy has been entrusted to the auditing company KPMG. An international 21-member team of KPMG will be surveying the current state of BNB's IT systems, and will afterwards work out an intermediate conclusion. A final report will be presented at the end. The work is expected to complete in end-January 2002. Gergana Mantarkova, managing partner in KPMG-Bulgaria will be the project's Director.

Yordan Surlekov is the new head of BULBANK's Crediting Department. He replaced Angel Gekov who became one of ROSEXIMBANK's executive directors.

Peter Stella, resident representative of the IMF for Bulgaria, said that during the last four years Ivan Kostov's Government has made efforts for the independent development of the private sector. Mr. Stella noted that it was not an easy political decision.

Oznem Arslaner Dedeoglu will be the new executive director of Demirbank (Bulgaria). Her documents have already been sent to the BNB with a request for issuance of a certificate. She will replace the incumbent Executive Director of Demirbank (Bulgaria) Serdar Yelmaz, who is going to retire. Until 1994 Ms. Dedeoglu, 34, was a director at the International Relations Department of Pamukbank. After that she became Vice President of Demirbank T.A.S. International Relations Department.

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