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The European Commission (EC) notified the Bulgarian Government that as of the beginning of September the local municipalities, natural and juristic persons may present their projects under the approved new measures of the EU SAPARD Programme. SAPARD will be already financing also the establishment of organisations of producers, of markets and wholesale markets. Projects worth EUR100,000 to EUR6MN for setting up and equipment of markets and wholesale markets will be considered. And the so-called forestry measure provides an opportunity to apply for money from SAPARD for projects in the sphere arboricultur, afforestation of agricultural land, processing of forestry products, etc, worth EUR1,300 to EUR200,000.Two of the approved new measures under SAPARD are entirely directed to the public sector. The underdeveloped rural municipalities will have the opportunity to get money for improvement of the infrastructure between the settlements, for renewal and development of the villages, for preservation of their cultural heritage and traditions. Such projects should be worth at least EUR30,000 and EUR1MN at the most when the money is earmarked for improvement and development of the villages, and the ceiling for improvement of infrastrucure between the rural settlements is EUR2MN. The allocated funds will cover 100% of the expenses. So far the subsidies used to cover no more than 50% of the investments. In the future SAPARD will be also financing the organization of educational courses for farmers, tobacco growers, owners and users of forests, and persons employed in agriculture. This is projected in the new measure called Improvement of Professional Training. Money has been set aside as well for rendering technical assistance and organization of explanatary campaigns among the applicants for financing under SAPARD.

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