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As of tomorrow the deputies will be using a new technical system for voting. The changes project that MPs will be voting by a special combination of four buttons. The reform is aimed to terminate the multiple voting by other deputies' cards. The more dexterous MPs will be able to vote through their neighbours' panel at the most. The new system was demonstrated in Parliament on January 10 by Dimitar Tsvetkov, Head of Reproco. The company has been servicing the National Assembly's system for voting since 1991.Before the New Year the Parliament's Chairman Ognyan Gerdjikov promised to hand in his resignations on February 1, 2002 if he fails to find by then a way to terminate the multiple voting by MPs. The introduced system is said to be the cheapest possible technical way to put an end to the multiple voting practices, which discredits the National Assembly. The changes cost BGN10,000. The MPs from the National Movement Simeon II are also considering financial sanctions for the deputies who do not attend the parliamentary sessions.

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