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Moskovski Bets on Well-Known People

Ivailo Moskovski kept his promise from last week and was among the first to announce his deputies, and the names are sufficiently well known in the industry. As a surprise could possibly be considered the appointment of Anton Ginev to one of the most important positions in the ministry: Vice-Minister responsible for all transport types. He holds an MA in Industrial Management from the Technical University in Sofia awarded in the period 1997-1999, and was an expert in the Transport Ministry, then up until 2009 he worked at the Railways as a Deputy - Director of "Property Management" in the National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) and then as the Director of "Property Management" and CFO while during the tripartite coalition he was appointed as Director-General. He was at this position when the first GERB government was formed in 2009, where Ivailo Moskovski was first deputy and later Minister. The Cabinet then dismissed Ginev and appointed as head Milcho Lambrev who is still at the position. Later the name of Anton Ginev appeared in a report of the Agency for State Financial Control, which said that Railway Infrastructure worked on repair of railway lines through direct negotiations without notice instead of resorting to open procedures.

After his dismissal from NRIC Ginev entered private business. He was first a procurator in Railway Infrastructure Holding Company AD, which was renamed to Infra Holding - currently represented by the son of Vasil Bozhkov - Anton. Then, in the period 2012 -2013, he was manager of Vilend Ltd., which is engaged in audit and accounting activities, and its owner is Ginev’s wife - Radka. In July 2013 the former railways chief returned to the public sector, as Daniel Papazoff appointed him as his deputy-minister.
The property declaration of Ginev published last year showed that he and his wife Radka have 17 properties acquired between 2005 and 2010. They are in Sofia, Varshetz, the village of Spanachevtsi (Varshetz), the village of Rumyantsevo (Lukovit) and Haskovo. Radka Gineva owns over 120 decares of fields, meadows and forests in Lukovit, and her husband still has 9 decares of a meadow in Ravna Gora. The two of them declared also bank accounts for a total of over 300,000 levs. It turned out that Ginev also has 25,000 bonds, and his wife - shares in Vilend LTD.
The other deputy of Ivaylo Moskovski will be Valery Borisov. In October 2011 he replaced Vice-Minister of Transport Purvan Roussinov in charge of information technology at the Transport Ministry, but was dismissed by order of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for the reason that e-government projects had been delayed for two years. “I want with 8 to 10 months Bulgaria to be ready with the e-government, charged,“ said the Prime Minister. The order was not complied with, but Valery Borisov kept his job also during the interim government led by Marin Raikov. He did not find a common language with the next Government and entered into a legendary scandal with the Transport Minister from the Cabinet of Oresharsky - Daniel Papazoff. Apart from his job that he occupied until July 2013, Valery Borisov was asked to leave, along with several colleagues, also as a member of the Board of Directors of the state company Information Services, with the argument that he lacked vision and will to change the situation in the company. Now Mr. Borisov will get another chance to complete the long-awaited eGovernment project.

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