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National Council of Tourism approved the 2001 National and Regional Tourism Advertising Programme. At the meeting held on December 20 and chaired by Peter Jotev, Minister of Economy, Mariana Assenova, Vice Minister of Economy reported on the results of the 2000 National and Regional Advertising Programme. BGL2.163MN were spent last year for promotion of tourism and there was an increase of the number of visitors to Bulgaria. For the period January - December 2000 it was 2.1MN people. BGL3.2MN is the amount planned for the next year, and it will be possible to increase it in case income exceeds the planned amount. According to Mrs. Assenova this is realistic, as the recent private investments in tourism are expected to result in a successful holiday season.

Donka Sokolova, President of the Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies (BATA) confirmed that her proposal for transforming part of the funds for advertising in Macedonia into funds for advertising in France was adopted. Until recently the Macedonian market was one of the biggest, but according to Mrs. Sokolova the French market is still to be developed.

The condition and the problems of the information system were among the discussed items. Some proposals for its improvement were also made. They will be summarized and processed by the Ministry of Economy, and Minister Jotev hopes that this way the system will start servicing the tourism much better.

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