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Most of the proposals for amendments to the the Act on the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) enforced on January 1, 2002, were conclusively approved by the National Assembly on April 24. The deputies rejected the proposal to require from the railroad carriers good-quality services. The idea was included in the bill, drafted by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, as part of the conditions which the candidate-carriers should satisfy in order to get a licence for operation. The MPs voted against that proposal because they assessed this criterion as subjective and impossible to prove if the carriers were observing it.The Executive Director of Railroad Administration Georgi Nikolov announced that when the amendments were discussed with the European Commission its experts recommended that this provision should be deleted from the draft, arguing that the quality of the services should be controlled by the market of railroad transport and not by a legislative act.The deputies voted for an increase of the money, earmarked for the state-run enterprise Railway Infrastructure. Under the effective law, 5% of the infrastructure fees, paid by the carrier, went for maintenance of the executive agency Railroad Administration. The amendments stipulate that only 1% shall remain for the agency and the other 4% should be redirected to the Bulgarian railroad network. The MPs voted also that 10% of the fees on fuels, which so far went int

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