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A heightened interest towards various kinds of construction materials has been observed on commodity exchanges over the last two weeks. According to brokers, this is a good start of the active season for trade in them.
Buying offers increased steeply in Rousse where demand for galvanized sheet iron is especially high. V St3 Sp 18-mm laminated iron and 10-mm thick galvanized tin is asked at BGN650/ton and BGN750/ton before VAT. There is also demand for galvanized rolled sheet iron at BGN990/ton. Among selling offers in Rousse is a new one for rebars at BGN800/ton before VAT and an offer for PN 06-mm 125-mm 140 pipes. The increased demand for building materials in the town can be explained by the planned repairs of buildings after the river Danube goes down to its usual level.
Rebars can be had on the Plovdiv Commodity Exchange at a price similar to that in Rousse - BGN750/ton - but there is no demand. Five types of iron sheet are offered at BGN850-870/ton before VAT. Interest from buyers is expected towards the various types of electricity transformers, but no deal has been closed yet.
Selling offers for timber attract the interest in Sofia. Softwood boards and softwood timber have been mostly demanded on the Sofia Commodity Exchange during the week, although buyers and sellers could not come to real deals. Boards can be had at BGN250/cu m, and timber - at BGN135/cu m.
Trade in building materials will pick up in May on all three above-mentioned exchanges. Brokers believe that the greatest number of deals will be in various types of iron and products, but their prices would hardly change considerably from April.

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