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Another prize-winner of the Banker weekly will join the BULBANK management team. According to well informed sources the Supervisory board of the biggest credit institution in Bulgaria has appointed Momchil Andreev as member of the Management Board and Executive Director, but not a successor of Chavdar Kanchev. The news flashed through both the two banks, related to the manager, and the total financial sector.

Currently there are two Executive Directors in BULBANK - the Italian Luiggi Lavaglio, who is in charge of chairing the Management Board and is responsible for the general policy of the bank, and Dimitar Atanassov, handling the administrative departments and management. The new owners of BULBANK intend to speed up the bank's expansion at the Bulgarian market, and that will be the responsibility of Momchil Andreev, who will be handling the development of the branch system.

At present the banker, who will be 37 on January 2, 2001, is Raiffeisenbank(Bulgaria)'s Executive Director responsible for the operation of its branch system and for the credit activities. However, he will not start his assignment at BULBANK immediately, as he will have to familiarize his successor with the current activities.
Three weeks ago Momchil Andreev was awarded by the Banker weekly as the most successful Bulgarian manager in the management of a foreign bank. What's more, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)'s Executive Director was awarded the Banker of the Year prize for the second time. In 1996 he was awarded by the Banker weekly as young and promissing bank manager. Momchil Andreev's prosperous career indicates how accurate the Banker weekly was in its evaluation.

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