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Maritsa Iztok Mines of Radnevo EAD became the first big state-run company, whose BoD was changed by Minister of Economy and Energy Roumen Ovcharov. According to pundits, the next castlings will be in the Maritsa Iztok 2 thermoelectric power plant. Dipl. Eng. Ivan Markov, until now a member of the BoD of Bulgarian Coal Production Association, was appointed Executive Director of the top coal production enterprise. Mr. Markov was Mr. Ovcharov's deputy in 1996-1997, and was the manager of the Troyanovo 1 mine. During the recent parliamentary elections he was among the candidates in BSP's ticket in the Stara Zagora region. His deputies will be: Vladimir Sotirov, so far head of Minstroy - Radnevo, whose name was circulated as the possible deputy minister in Roumen Ovcharov's team, and Tencho Kairyakov, Chairman of the company's CITUB organization. Dipl. Eng. Hristo Ovcharov, so far a member of the managerial team, will be BoD Chairman, and Krassimir Nikolov, Chairman of Bulgargas BoD when Roumen Ovcharov was energy minister in the government of socialist ex-premier Zhan Videnov, will be his deputy. The other members of Maritsa Iztok Mines BoD are: Galya Tosheva, so far chairperson, and Dimiter Gerassimov. Shteryo Shterev, so far executive director of the company, and his two deputies, Georgi Georgiev and Subomir Stoyanov, have been relieved of their duties. The Energy Ministry's press centre announced they will be offered other jobs within the power engineering and coal-mining sector.

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