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The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will continue to offer motorways on concession, but that will be done transparently, in front of the people's eyes construction minister Assen Gagaouzov said on September 20. According to his deputy Milena Paounova, bringing Bulgarian construction standards into conformity with those in Europe will be among the priorities of the new team. And deputy construction minister Kalin Rogachev will focus on the amendments to the law on floor property, and on the rehabilitation of prefab flats. He promised that the ministry would try to find homes for the people in the country who remained without shelter after the floods.Meanwhile, it became clear that if there were no visible results from the construction work along the Strouma motorway in its 40-km section from Doupnitsa to Daskalovo, the contract with the main executor - the Macedonian firm Mavrovo - would be revoked. The widening of that section had to be ready by the Olympic Games in Greece, but was delayed for more than two years. Nevertheless, the contract price was raised from EUR26MN to EUR49MN. The most recent increase, by EUR8MN, was in the beginning fo 2005. Insiders of Mr. Gagaouzov's ministry specified he had demanded from the contractor to present within two weeks a scheme for the completion of the site.

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