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The Bulgarian ofice of the US computer company Microsoft will assist by USD50,000 a project for training military men, who are to be discharged in compliance with the planned reform in the Bulgarian Army. The project is intended for middle-aged servicemen who need training for adapting to civilian life. Radoslav Yoshinov, Director of the Telematics laboratory with the Bulgarian Acedemy of Sciences, managing the project, specified that 50 men on average would be trained monthly, which makes 600 a year.Two computer centres have been established for the purpose - one in the building of the Bulgarian Army's General Staff, and one in the Military Academy. In addition to army servicemen who are to be discharged, the centres will also train representatives of the General Staff to work with Microsoft software and with other specialized products for e-business, which would help them to find jobs in the private sector. The project is of a substantial importance to the introduction of NATO standards in Bulgaria, because most of the computer technologies in the armies of the Alliance member countries have been developed by Microsoft, Mr. Yoshinov expalined to the BANKER weekly.According to experts of the Ministry of Defence, the informational training in the Bulgarian Army is at a good level, but has not been brought in compliance with NATO and EU standards.

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