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The world computer technologies giant Microsoft has changed its intention to build a centre for online support of its software in Serbia, deciding to locate it in Sofia, it became known during the week. The centre that will be servicing Bulgaria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Greece, will be ready within a year, Teodor Milev, Managing Director of Microsoft-Bulgaria, said on Tuesday (July 4) after signing a memorandum for cooperation with Plamen Vachkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian ITC Agency. Mr. Milev did not give any information about the investment, the working positions, and the scope of the project because the firm that will be implementing it had demanded confidentiality. Bulgaria and Romania have been picked up by the company for setting up support centres because of their well-qualified IT-experts, stable economies, and fair perspectives for development, Mr. Milev added, explaining that all Windows developments that will be launched will have Bulgarian versions as well. The new Windows Vista platform and the Microsoft Office 2007 software will come out in Bulgarian within just three or four months after their sale begins.
The centre in Bulgaria will be much bigger than the one set up by Microsoft in Romania because it will be providing overall software support while the office in Bucarest is intended for a certain range of software and licences, Microsoft insiders pointed out.
Meanwhile, in the beginning of the week Bulgaria was visited at one and the same time by Microsoft's Senior Vice-President Eric Rudder and Vinton Cerf, Vice President of Google, the most quickly developing INTERNET search machine. Mr. Rudder who arrived in Bulgaria on Monday met with President Georgi Parvanov, with National Assembly Speaker Georgi Pirinski, and with PM Sergey Stanishev. According to official information, ways to boost cooperation in the fields of e-government and online education and training were discussed. Premier Stanishev met with Mr Cerf who is also President of the Board of Directors of the INTERNET Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and with the delegation, headed by him. Development of the informational society in Bulgaria was discussed, as well as the opportunities for supporting it by foreign partners, with specific measures in the sphere of computer education, wider use of INTERNET, of telecom infrastructure in the country, and the development of hi-tech parks and business incubators.

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